May the fourth be with you!

Today is Star Wars day so I thought what better day to have stormtrooper nails!


The amazing Sanna at Purity is having a make-up theme again, and I just had to join in on the fun! The theme is Zodiacs and the first one is the Capricorn.
I did a bit of an abstract interpretation of the capricorn's horns and this is the result!
The base colour is China Glaze Midnight Kiss, the darker gold colour is Flormar U11 and the green colour is China Glaze Jolly Holly

All was well.

This is the nail art I had on my nails at the midnight screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow part two on July 12th! A perfect combination of my nerdyness for Harry Potter and Nail polish!

Since  the premier for most countries is tomorrow I won't say anything about the movie, but I will say that the experience of the midnight screening was absolutely amazing! There were a lot of people in costumes and before the movie started we were singing A Very Potter musical songs and Potter puppet pals: the mysterious ticking noise <3
I used four nail polishes for this nail art:
White: Alix Avien 60 and Flormar NA01. Black:  Barry M NP47 and Golden Rose nail art 106.

Red and White

This is a red and white water marble done with Flormar 321 and Alix Avien 60.
All of the nails turned out rather different from each other but I kind of like them, especially the pinkie which looks like a heart.

Blue Babushka Doll

I have finally got a new nail art! A Babushka doll/Russian nesting doll.
I Used H&M Blue My Mind as a base for all nails except my long finger where I used H&M Happy Grey, I also used Happy Grey for the dots on the other fingers. For the Babushka I used Blue My Mind, Happy Grey, She Nail Sugar 504 and Flormar 321.

Lost and Found

I thought that I should explain my long absence from this blog, I wasn't planning on disappearing for over a month, but due to a lot of work and me being sick most parts of December I completely lost all inspiration and will to paint my nails.
Now I feel like painting my nails again, and hopefully I will have some new nail art to show you really soon!

När första ljuset brinner

This week I have given my nails a well needed break from nail polish but now I am back, and since it is
Advent Sunday today I thought I would do a simple manicure with a slight Christmas feeling to it.
The base is China Glaze Ruby Pumps, and the hearts are painted with Y.S.S.Y  #6 using a small art brush.

Trettio grader kallt, Tomtar överallt och en Skog av Gröna Granar

I know that it is very early for at Christmas design, but I have a good reason! Tara who runs the nail blog For Your Nails Only is having a holiday nail art contest that I entered. I would really appreciate it if you wanted to vote for me here.


Polishes I used:

thumb: I used a clear base coat and Alix Avien as the beard, eyes and rim of the hat and flormar 321 as the hat,
Index finger: China Glaze Ruby Pumps as a base Alix Avien as the snowflakes.
Long finger: She Nail Sugar 504 as a base Emerald green as the Christmas tree, Alix Avien 60 mixed with She nail sugar 504 as the star and Ruby Pumps as the Christmas ornaments.
Ring finger: Alix Avien as the base, On Rudolph the antlers are Gosh Iron, The nose is Ruby Pumps and the rest is She nail sugar 504
Pinkie: Barry M Emerald Green as the base, Alix Avien60 and Ruby Pumps for the candy cane.

Hurry Harry!

Here is the next Harry Potter manicure, inspired by the main character himself!

The Polishes I Used:

Base coat: Alix Avien 60. Wand, Golden Snitch and broomstick: Gosh Iron mixed with Mavala 48 Black. The Wings of the Snitch: Y.S.S.Y  6. The scar: Flormar 321 mixed with Alix Avien 60. The glowing Wand: Viva La Diva cheesecake. Glasses: Flormar super shine 40.

Gryffindor Slytherin Ravenclaw Hufflepuff

I am a huge Harry Potter Geek and since the premier of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is on Wednesday I will be painting some Harry Potter inspired nails this week! Today’s nails were inspired by the Hogwarts houses.

The Nail polishes I used are:
Gryffindor: China Glaze Ruby Pumps and She Nail Sugar 504
Ravenclaw:  H&M Blue Sky and Gosh Iron
Slytherin: Barry M Emerald Green and Y.S.S.Y 6
Hufflepuff: A Depend polish without a number and Flormar super shine 40
Thumb: Alix Avien 167 and Flormar (turn to page) 394!



Yesterday I felt like doing a geometrical and abstract nail art, and this is the result:

The polishes I used are H&M Blue Sky and Flormar 394

Blue Sky is a truly amazing polish, it is extremely opaque and you could get away with only using one coat. I doesn’t chip easily and it is very smooth and shiny so you don’t really need to have a top coat.
Flormar 394 is a gorgeous gold/bronze holographic polish. It is very hard to capture, but the second picture shows the sparkle pretty accurately .

Autumn Leaves

My camera problem is finally solved! Here are the photos of the updated tree manicure from last week.


I used a make-up sponge to apply the yellow, red and orange polishes. The yellow polish is Viva la Diva 17 Cheesecake, the red is FlorMar 236 and the orange is a mix of the two polishes.



I'm having some camera problems right now, which means that I can't show you the updated version of my tree nails or any other nail art for that matter. But hopefully it will be solved by tomorrow!


This is a very easy nail art I did yesterday. It is rather unusual for me to have the same design on all my nails but liked how it turned out. I felt that it was fitting since we had the first snow last week.

I used Alix Avien 60 as a base, it has the best opacity I have seen in a white nail polish and for those of you that have the opportunity to get your hands on a bottle I highly recommend it.
The trees are Gosh Iron and were painted with a fine art brush.

Rosa Bandet

I almost never wear pink nail polish, but today I wanted to do a pink manicure because October is breast cancer awareness month! I encourage everyone to buy a Pink Ribbon to give money to cancer research and it is so important to raise awareness and to tell women how they can examine themselves to increase the chance of discovering tumors early on, it can save lives!

I used an old name and numberless Wet’n’Wild Polish as a base and for the dots and the Pink Ribbon I used different mixtures of Alix Avien 215 and Depend 01.


Manchester England England

I am going on a holiday tomorrow and today’s nails are inspired by the destination:  UK or more specifically London.  I painted the Union Jack on my ring finger with Golden rose 53, N.Y.C  143A String of pearls and FlorMar true colors 017 and then I did a classic half moon manicure on the other nails.

I won’t have access to a computer so unfortunately I won’t be able to interpret the last two bad guys In Putity’s Villain theme but I’ll be back on Sunday.


Madame Mim

Today it is time for madame Mim on Purity's Villain theme and this is a simple interpretation of her. The base is a franken polish I have mixed and the sponging was done with Depend 115. I wanted the sponging to have an edgy look, similar to madame Mim’s hair so I tried to stroke rather than dab the colour onto the nail.


Today it is time for my favorite Villain from Purity’s Theme : Maleficent! She’s got grace and style and she is probably the most evil villain of them all.


For the thumb I used Isadora vintage mint 619 as abase and Mavala Black 48 for maleficent, her mouth is Alix Avien 191 and her eyes are Alix Avien 60.
I Used mavala Black 48 as a base on all the other nails.
On my pinkie and long finger I used Depend 115 mixed with Alix Avien for the purple cloak and the green fire is Isadora Vintage Mint 619.
On my index finger and ring finger  I used different mixes of Isadora Vintage mint 619,FlorMar Neon 007, Alix Avien 217 and 60.


Today it’s time for the next bad guy in Purity’s lovely Disney Villain theme: Jafar from Aladdin!
My inspiration was his turban and the scarab that he is searching for in the movie.

For the Turbans I used FlorMar Supershine 40 as a base and the feathers are FlorMar 321 the gold is a Franken polish made from Gosh Iron and She Nail sugar 504.

For the Scarab I also used Gosh Iron and She Nail sugar 504 and the base is FlorMar True Color 017.

Havet är djupt...

Sanna and Efwa at Purity are having a Disney villain theme and of course I just had to join in, I mean who doesn’t love Disney?

 Today’s villain is Ursula from the little Mermaid, and here is my interpretation.


For Ursula’s face I used: Mavala 48 Black, Depend 115, Alix Avien 168 and 60, and FlorMar True color 017 for the lips.

On the other fingers I had Alix Avien 168 as a base and  did water marbling with mavala 48 Black and Alix Avien 60.

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