This is a very easy nail art I did yesterday. It is rather unusual for me to have the same design on all my nails but liked how it turned out. I felt that it was fitting since we had the first snow last week.

I used Alix Avien 60 as a base, it has the best opacity I have seen in a white nail polish and for those of you that have the opportunity to get your hands on a bottle I highly recommend it.
The trees are Gosh Iron and were painted with a fine art brush.

Postat av: Van Vanity

Hi! I just discovered Alix Avien polishes and when googeling them, your blog was pretty much the only thing that showed up.

I love their selection, but I wanted to ask before hoarding, how good to you find their staying power and drying time? :)

2010-11-09 @ 22:39:42

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