En hjälpande hand

This manicure was inspired by Pudsey the Bear who is the mascot of a British charity organisation called Children in Need. If you don't know about children in need you can read about it here:http://www.bbc.co.uk/pudsey/


For the Dots I Used: Isadora Vintage Mint 619, Depend 115 , Alix Avien 191, FlorMar Neon 002,
As a base I used Alix Avien 60 and 189
I absolutely love Alix Avien 189, it is a holographic glitter polish and from a far it looks grey but in direct sunlight it is super sparkly.

Vargen Ylar i Månens Sken

Sadly I haven't had any desire to paint my nails lately because they started breaking and I had to cut them all down really short. But fortunately they have grown back a bit now and I feel like painting them again! So this Saturday was the first time in a while that I painted my nails.

Autumn is definitely here now and that means that it gets darker at nights which I find really cozy because in the summers it's almost never dark outside in Sweden. This manicure was inspired by the foggy moonlit nights that are coming soon.

I started by painting my nails with the black polish FlorMar Supershine 40 and then sponged on the white Alix Avien 60 with a regular make-up sponge in several layers to get the gradient look.

Yesterday I did an update on this manicure by painting a sheer red polish over my nails in honor of the Swedish election. Unfortunately the outcome of the election was that we now have a xenophobic party in the Swedish parliament.

(Sorry about the weird picture but the polish is so shiny that it was impossible to photograph any other way) 

Visst Gör Det Ont När Knoppar Brister

I haven’t had much time for elaborate nail arts lately so today I did this easy manicure with Isadora Graffiti Nails.

I used Isadora Vintage mint 619 as a base and then I freehanded flowers on my index and ring finger using Alix Avien nr. 60. On the other nails I used Isadora White Art 802.


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